Picnic on tour – part 1: Sri Lanka!

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 12.32.14Our jars of pickles have recently taken to travelling. Like their makers:-) The picture you see was sent to us by the lovely staff of the equally lovely hotel Olympus Plaza in Haputale in Sri Lanka. We arrived there after an absolutely gorgeous ride through the highlands with tea plantations. We arrived slightly cold and dishevelled, and were met with warm hospitality, warm showers, a lovely bed, wonderful meals and a great conversation with the knowledgable chef and staff. Which of course seeing our mutual interest revolved in large part around spices, growing spices, working with spices and recognising spice quality. We wholeheartedly promised to send some of our jars over. And much to our delight they arrived and the Director made the effort to notify us with a kind e-mail. We cannot wait to hear the Sri Lankan feedback on our pickles and we so delight in this international contact because of the jars!

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About Margo

In 2011 gingen wij er met onze inmaakproducten op uit. En dat werd een succes! Dus in 2012 riepen we meteen: We Gaan Doorrrrrrrr. Met vaart, plezier en volledig gericht op zurigheid, hartigheid en zoutigheid. Oftewel: een levens sans jam. Met de droom om nog meer inmaaklekkers te ontwikkelen, chutneyliefhebbers en -makers wereldwijd te leren kennen en nieuwe inmaakwegen te bewandelen. Wandel je mee op ons zure, hartige en zoute inmaakpad?
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